Money Management in Middle-School Curriculum

Sound Financial management is an essential part of a person’s life whether one is a millionaire or a small business owner. As I reflect back, I feel I would have had a head start in high school if I were introduced to the basics of management techniques and finance early on — as early as middle school ! In today’s public-school curriculum here in the US, many subjects are made mandatory as early as middle school. This includes English, science, PE and history. The rest are electives that you “choose” to take.

Well one should realize that financial management becomes an integral part of an individual as early as when one is a teenager and sometimes even earlier ! Handling pocket money, money earned from doing chores and even money earned as a gift on special occasions needs the basic education in financial management. I am now entering my senior year in high school and have an aptitude for both management and science. I intend to do macro and microeconomics besides higher level math and a few science subjects and intend to learn the nuts and bolts of management and finance. I enjoy what I learn and wish I were introduced to the management subjects early on!

My sister who is in 8th grade took teen living as an elective. She was introduced to money management like investing, saving, budgeting, how to balance a checkbook, open a bank account or even run a profit and loss statement all of which are so essential. Now this makes me wonder why management and finance are not made mandatory just like science, history and English in middle school. Students will be able to find out early on if they do have an aptitude for finance, business and other entrepreneurial subjects so that they can tailor their high school choices likewise.

It is presumed that financial literacy early on leads to more responsible citizens who are able to make informed decisions about money management as an adult. Studies as recent as in 2016, have shown that financial education interventions in high schools have shown to have a good impact on the financial choices of an adult citizen. My thought is that this intervention has to be introduced much earlier not in Highschool but as early as middle school. As much as PE is good for the physical well being of a child, basic financial knowledge and management techniques are also essential for good organization, execution and establishment of various ventures in high school — be it a club activity or a sport. I do feel this would help students achieve their goal no matter what field it is in and transpire into an adult who is well empowered to face the struggles of life!